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Rauch | 5,5 %Vol. | 33cl

Smokey, a light beer in German style, inspired by the beers of Franconia, lightly smoked thanks to smoked beechwood malt, which gives it subtle notes reminiscent of scamorza cheese and bacon. Alcohol content 5.5% by volume, mildly bitter and malty.

After a trip to Franconia, the land of smoked beers, the inspiration to produce a Rauch-style beer with smoked beechwood malt was born. Legend has it that a malting facility caught fire, and the smoke infiltrated the malt room, resulting in the smokiness of the malt. Since agriculture was paramount at the time, they couldn’t discard the raw material and decided to use it in beer production. The smoked beers they produced gained great success, giving rise to the traditional smoked beer.

It is made with a blend of light and smoked beechwood malt, fermented at low temperatures, and matured for an extended period before packaging. During this final phase, which lasts several months, the beer undergoes natural improvement, becoming smoother and less bitter, with a creamy foam of fine and persistent bubbles. The smokiness, initially mild and subtle, becomes distinct and pronounced. This soft, slightly bitter beer with a light smoky note pairs well with appetizers, main courses, and meats based on smoked products.

The label was designed by a dear friend of ours, who, while drinking it, thought of smoked sausage. Armed with paper and pencil, they created the artwork. We highlighted the text and the sausage, giving even more importance to the packaging.

You can find it on our website in 330 ml cans or 5 L kegs.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast.

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