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|Customized glass| 330 ml|

Customized Birrificio Ciociaro Glass: The Roman Pint for Enjoying Craft Beer at its Best!

The customized Birrificio Ciociaro glass, in the Roman pint model with a capacity of 330 ml, is an icon for all craft beer lovers. This glass has been specifically designed to offer a superior tasting experience, maximizing the unique aromas and flavors of different types of craft beer.

The Roman pint, with its elegant and sturdy shape, is a universal model that perfectly suits any beer style. The 330 ml capacity is ideal for pouring our beer cans, allowing for a complete experience with every sip.

The glass is screen-printed in white with the distinctive logo of Birrificio Ciociaro and the hashtag #beviciociaro. This personalized design gives the glass an authentic touch and makes it a unique collector’s item for beer enthusiasts.

Made with high-quality materials, the customized Birrificio Ciociaro glass offers excellent resistance and durability. Tested in the dishwasher, it withstands numerous washes. The smooth and transparent surface allows for full appreciation of the vibrant colors of the beer and the fluffy foam that forms during pouring.

Whether you are a seasoned brewer or a casual enthusiast, this personalized glass is the perfect accessory for savoring and tasting your favorite craft beer. Capture every detail of the aromas and flavors, immersing yourself in a complete sensory experience.

In conclusion, the customized Birrificio Ciociaro glass is an ideal gift for craft beer lovers. Surprise your friends, family, or colleagues with this unique and personalized piece. Each sip will be a true journey into the world of craft beers, accompanied by the spirit of Birrificio Ciociaro.

Get this glass now and enjoy craft beer in the best way possible!

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