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Chistmas Beer|10%Vol| 33 cl

Cometa – Spiced Christmas Beer with Bergamot Peel, Mandarin, and Gentian Root (10% ABV)

Cometa is a unique Christmas beer, designed to give you an unforgettable taste experience during the holidays. With a bold alcohol content of 10% ABV, this craft beer is characterized by the perfect combination of spices and citrus aromas, obtained from the precious bergamot and mandarin peels, combined with gentian root.

The heart of Cometa lies in its complexity of flavors, where the spices blend harmoniously with the citrus notes. The bergamot peel adds a distinctive touch of freshness and a slight bitterness that balances with the intense sweetness of the mandarin. The gentian root adds an earthy and slightly bitter character, creating a unique and enveloping taste profile.

This Christmas beer presents itself with an intense amber color and a persistent foam. On the nose, you immediately perceive the citrus aromas, with nuances of ripe citrus fruits and a subtle spiciness that invites curious sips. In the mouth, Cometa reveals all its complexity, with a round and structured body that welcomes intense flavors of bergamot and mandarin, followed by a pleasant note of gentian that develops gradually.

Cometa is the perfect beer to enjoy during the holidays, to be sipped slowly to fully appreciate its aromatic nuances and unique character. It elegantly accompanies traditional holiday dishes, such as roast meats, aged cheeses, or dark chocolate desserts. Each sip of Cometa will be a sensory journey that envelops you in a Christmas and festive atmosphere.

Enjoy the essence of winter and the holidays with Cometa, a Christmas beer with surprising and engaging flavors. Let yourself be carried away by its spicy, citrusy, and bitter notes, and create unforgettable memories with this extraordinary craft beer.

Note: The sale of Cometa is limited to the Christmas season. Make sure to savor it while it’s available!

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