Beer Cheese

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Beer Cheese: A Unique Flavor Created with Raw Sheep’s Milk in Collaboration with a Local Organic Company!

It is an extraordinary product that combines the richness of raw sheep’s milk with the complexity and depth of beer.

High-quality raw sheep’s milk
The base of this extraordinary cheese is raw milk from sheep raised naturally and organically in Val Comino. This high-quality milk gives the cheese a creaminess and richness of flavors that make it a true delight for the palate.

Beer as a special ingredient
Collaborating with a local organic company allows us to use beer as a special ingredient in the production of this cheese. The beer, with its unique aromas and distinctive character, blends harmoniously with the raw sheep’s milk, creating an exceptional combination of flavors.

Artisanal production and attention to detail
The production of this beer cheese is carried out using traditional methods and with great attention to detail. The local organic company takes care and passion in the production process, ensuring a cheese of the highest quality, with an authentic flavor and perfect consistency. Once the cheese is formed, it is soaked in our beer for several days. After this phase, it is aged for 30 days.

The tasting experience
It offers a unique tasting experience. With the first bite, you can perceive the unmistakable aroma of beer that blends harmoniously with the creaminess of the cheese. Each slice is a pleasure for the palate, with complex notes and nuances that gradually reveal themselves.

Finally, we invite you to try it
Produced in collaboration with a local organic company, this cheese is a must-try for cheese lovers. The synergy between raw sheep’s milk and beer creates an extraordinary cheese with a unique flavor and exceptional quality. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor this delicacy.

Weight: 500g (vacuum-sealed)
Ingredients: Raw sheep’s milk (80%), beer (20%), lactic acid bacteria, salt

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