Italian malt: the secret ingredient of our craft beers.

In recent years, Italy has witnessed a true renaissance in the craft beer industry, and behind this success lies a secret ingredient: Italian malt. Used as a base for producing high-quality beers, Italian malt has become a reference point for enthusiasts of the golden beverage.

Malt is a fundamental ingredient in beer production, as it provides the sugars needed for fermentation. Italy used to import malt from other countries, but in recent years, there has been an exponential growth in Italian maltsters, who have developed varieties of high-quality malt. Italian maltsters specialize in producing malt using locally grown cereals such as barley, wheat, and rye. This approach allows them to harness the unique characteristics of the Italian territory, ensuring excellent quality malt with a clear trace of origin.

Italian malt stands out for its organoleptic characteristics, which give beers a distinctive taste and a unique aromatic profile. Italian malt varieties offer a wide range of creative possibilities for craft breweries, allowing them to experiment and create innovative beers appreciated by consumers.

Local agriculture

Furthermore, the use of Italian malt contributes to promoting local and sustainable agriculture, offering added value to the beer production supply chain. The production of malt in Italy supports job creation and reduces the environmental impact resulting from imports.

The growth of Italian malt production has fueled the revival of the craft beer industry in the country, allowing breweries to stand out. Today, Italian beers are part of the enogastronomic excellence of the territory, appreciated by consumers worldwide.

In conclusion, Italian malt has established itself as a fundamental ingredient in the world of Italian craft beers. Its quality and its connection to the territory represent a true resource for breweries, creating beers of great quality and originality

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This is where Italian malt is born

Malt production plant 4.0
Malt production plant 4.0

Malt germination
Malt germination in the drum
Summer of love
Our beers are born from here

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