Italian hops, this is how our Paesana is born

Hops are a fundamental ingredient in beer production, providing aroma, bitterness, and stability to the finished product. In recent years, the craft beer scene in Italy has seen significant growth, and local breweries are increasingly experimenting with domestically produced ingredients. In this context, hops have gained considerable attention for their quality and versatility. In September, we visit nearby hop fields for the harvest and production of our beloved Paesana. Harvest ale, 5.5% ABV, light, produced once a year during the harvest, using fresh hops. Advantages of Choosing Italian Hops: 1. Quality and Aromatic Diversity: Italian hops offer a wide range of fragrances and flavors that can enhance beer with floral, citrusy, herbal, and spicy notes. This diversity is a true treasure for craft brewers seeking to create unique beers. 2. Reduction of Environmental Impact: By using local hops, breweries contribute to reducing the environmental impact, as there is no need to import ingredients from afar, thus reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation. 3. Economic Sustainability: Hop cultivation can represent an economic opportunity for local communities, promoting the economic sustainability of rural areas.

In summary, Italian hops represent a valuable ingredient for craft brewers looking for quality beers with a local touch. Choosing Italian hops not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also supports local farming communities. So, if you want to bring the flavor of your land into your beers, Italian hops are an excellent choice. Want to know how a hop field is made?
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